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How to build a Wireless Bridge Network for Remote Village

Upon request from one of client from remote village in Kazakhstan, lets design wireless solutions.


Client has big facility which is located at the far side of the village center, and user doesn’t have internet connection, no wired internet , and very unstable cellular network. This leads users impossible to access internet , even not possible to have normal phone calls.


House is located outside of the village, and there is a small hill between house and village. i noticed that the cellular signal tower is standing at the middle of the village but signal is stopped by that hill. no line of sight, distance between tower station and house is 2 km,


In order to access internet, we have only option to use existing ISP cellular, it means we need to install 4G wireless router to access the internet, and the location of this wireless router must be at the area where the LTE signal coverage is strong. however the house is located outside of 4G signal coverage, This means we cant install 4G wireless router at house, instead wireless router must be located at somewhere that has LOS with signal tower.

We can use long range wireless bridge to establish connection between house and 4G wireless router.

There is a forest on the way to house, idea is to bypass the forest to have better wireless connection.

We put a wireless station as a relay (shown as below picture). At this location, we will have nice LOS both to signal tower and house. At the same time we can bypass the forest as well.

Customer needs to rent a place at the relay location to install 4G wireless router and one of wireless station, and make sure there is stabled power access as well.


At relay point we will install 4G wireless router to access internet and long range wireless station 1 which connects with LTE wireless router.

At house, long range wireless station 2 will be installed which paires with wireless station 1 at relay point and connects with router at house.

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