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Which Note-Taking App is Better for Creativity? Obsidian vs Notion


I’ve been using note-taking apps for several years, and I’ve tried a lot of different ones. I’ve found that most note-taking apps are not very helpful for my creative process. They can be great for storing information, but they don’t make it easy to connect ideas or come up with new ones.

Recently I planned to move my notes to the best note-taking app, but it’s not an easy task, as i have too many notes on my database. to make sure I’m going in the right direction, i asked help from AI, and I got nice recommendation from Google Bard. I think it’s worth sharing with guys who are also looking for the same answer.

Comparison of Obsidian and Notion:

After some research, I decided to compare Obsidian and Notion. These are two of the most popular note-taking apps, and they both have a lot to offer.


Obsidian is a wiki-based note-taking app. This means that your notes are interconnected, and you can easily jump from one note to another. Obsidian also uses a system of tags and backlinks, which makes it easy to find information.


Notion is a more traditional note-taking app. It allows you to create different types of notes, including text, tables, and lists. Notion also has a number of features that make it easy to collaborate with others.

Finding the Perfect App for human Brain’s Creativity

The main idea is to figure out which app’s concept or design is more likely to be easily embraced by our human brains, or which one aligns better with how our brains naturally create and think.

My first prompt to AI:

“Imagine you’re a knowledge base creator, setting up your own second brain (I know you’re a supercomputer and don’t need a second brain like us humans, but for the sake of this exercise, let’s pretend you’re human). Now, in this scenario, you’re on the hunt for note-taking applications that can really amplify your productivity. Apps like Obsidian and Notion come to mind. Could you provide a comprehensive analysis of these two note-taking apps and suggest which one might be the best fit? We’ll be looking at specific criteria: user-friendliness, their potential to aid human users in enhancing their creativity in both daily life and work. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and any conclusions you draw won’t be taken as criticism towards the developers behind these apps.”

Answer from Bard:

Ease of use

  • Obsidian: Obsidian is a relatively easy-to-use app, especially for people who are already familiar with markdown. The interface is simple and straightforward, and there are a number of plugins and templates available to help you get started.
  • Notion: Notion is a more complex app, but it also offers a wider range of features. If you are looking for an app that can do everything, Notion is a good option. However, it can be a bit overwhelming for beginners.


  • Obsidian: Obsidian is a great app for boosting creativity because it allows you to connect your notes in a nonlinear way. You can use backlinks to create a knowledge graph of your thoughts, which can help you to see patterns and connections that you might not have otherwise noticed.
  • Notion: Notion is also a good app for creativity, but it is more structured than Obsidian. This can be helpful for some people, but it can also be limiting.


  • Obsidian: If you are looking for an easy-to-use app that is focused on creativity, Obsidian is a good option.
  • Notion: If you are looking for an app with a wider range of features and are willing to put in the time to learn it, Notion is a good option.

Personal preference

If I were to set up a second brain, I would probably use Obsidian. I like the simplicity of the interface and the fact that it is focused on creativity. However, I would also consider using Notion, especially if I needed an app with more features.

My second prompt to AI:

Which is better in graphic view? Which one’s concept or nature is more likely to be accepted by the human brain? I mean closer to the human brain’s structure in the way of creating and thinking.

Answer from Bard:

“Obsidian is better in graphic view because it uses a knowledge graph to visualize your notes. This makes it easier to see the connections between your thoughts and ideas, which can help you to think more creatively and holistically.

Notion also allows you to visualize your notes, but it does so in a more structured way. This can be helpful for some people, but it can also be limiting.

In terms of being closer to the human brain’s structure, Obsidian is again the better option. The human brain is a network of neurons that are connected to each other in a nonlinear way. This is similar to the way that Obsidian allows you to connect your notes.

Notion is more structured, like the human brain’s cortex. However, the cortex is only one part of the brain, and it is not the part that is responsible for creativity and thinking.

Therefore, Obsidian is a better choice for people who want an app that is closer to the human brain’s structure in the way of creating and thinking.”

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