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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most frequent questions and answers

    What is an IT infrastructure ?

    A pieces of harware (eg router, switch and firewall) and software that work together to accomplish specific digital tasks, we could say it is the foundation of modern digital world.

    Why I need Digitalization?

    We are living at the age of Information Technology, Internet of Things and Cloud computing. All business needs high quality and sophisticated digital solutions which make the task easier, faster and accurate. For sure it’s not always easy to integrate the digitalisation into an existing business, so thats why it is essential to have help from IT expers.

    What is ERP?

    ERP stands for enterprise resource planning which is a business management software or applications used to manage an organization’s core business processes, including its financials, supply chain, manufacturing, human resources and payroll, among others.

    Why is digitalisation important?

    This is because digitalisation can make business operation more efficiency, make the business run faster, make the customer satisfied, make the product meet the needs of customer.

    What is cloud computing ?

    Cloud computing is a network of computing resource that are delivered over the internet in which users can access the resources (eg storage, memory, cpu etc) and computing power, as a service over internet.

    Why I need virtualization ?

    its to bring efficiency to IT operations and its making management of IT much easier. It also increases the overall return on IT investment by eliminating unneeded hardware and increasing software utilization.

    What are cloud computing benefits?

    Saving costs and time, high availability of serives and easy to manage.

    What is Cyber Security ?

    Ensure security of all digital resources, make sure secure transformation of digital information over internet