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Cyber Security

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Networking Services we work on

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Enterprise Networking

Enterprise networking works on high-speed switching and routing devices that transfer data between desktop computers, servers, applications, and services. enterprise networking consists of a common networking and security platform that provides and variety of networking services such as switching, routing, load balancing, firewalling, Wi-Fi, and service mesh for modern applications.

Network emulation with eve-ng at Astana Kazakhstan-IT solutioms

Network emulation

EVE-NG, GNS3 network emulation platforms allow enterprises, e-learning providers/centers, individuals and group collaborators to create virtual proof of concepts, solutions and training environments. We work on EVE-NG and GNS3 to design network solutions for customers, and provide training sessions as well.

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Wireless Networking

Are you frustrated that it's impossible to have wired network or do cabling on your business or facility? or have issues with your wireless coverage? Don't worry, we can help you design and implement high-speed wireless network solutions.

Cyber Security

Digital transformation means moving our traditional data into the digital world, and we keep such data on computers, servers or clouds. Digitalization brings us a lot of power and growth of business, but at the same time we expose our data to risk- someone might access or steal our data, as a result we might have huge lost.

To avoid this happening, we will implement cyber security and keep our data secure.