About us

We are a simple team but we are powerful because of digital technology!

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Who we are

We are an IT company, we work on Digital Solutions


IT Infrastructure

We work on IT infrastructure to help customers to build their healthy and modern infrastructure


Digital Solutions

We work on digital solutions, design and implement ERP, bring customers into real digital world


Digital transformation

We help customers to transform their traditional business to digital world to enjoy the real power of IT

Meet our Team

We are Team with passion

Serik Akim

Founder of SaQ Digital; Expert in networking, virtualization, cyber sec, Microsoft platform, DevOps.

Nurbolat Qulymhan

Senior software architect, developer, project manager; Expert in software integration.


If you are an IT specialist and interested in joining us, please get in touch with us.

How IT changes the world?

CEO-SaQ Digital, IT infrastructure Engineer, Cyber hacker

Serik AKIM

IT reshapes the world

IT is changing the world; we can't imagine life without IT. People go “anywhere” with single click, and get any knowledge from internet. But the question is if you are able to power up yourself with IT or if you are able to boost your business with the real power of digital technology. I always keep in my mind how can I help people to bring digital solutions to their business with my expertise as people could see that too many IT solutions are out there. At IT world, there are too many great brains that create wonderful ideas and solutions. Here, my mission is to bring these nice ideas and solutions to my customers.